"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
– Leonardo da Vinci
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
– Leonardo da Vinci

Dana Marchenko
The founder of Danamarc
Interior design is about feelings.
This is about pleasant warm parquet, soft fabrics, delicious smells, aesthetic pleasure of the
This is about the ease of functions in the room, about the correct forms, the imperfect texture
of nature and smooth lines.
Interior design is a space in which we create, love, talk, indulge in new discoveries, live and
build a world for us and our children.
I analyze all this every day, giving birth to ergonomic, beautiful, minimalist designs.
In this field since 2014. Higher education in interior and product design, experience in
various design studios. Succumbing to the creative fervor, I created my own team.
Our studio follows modern trends and solutions. Clients pay special attention to interesting
minimalist combinations and design ideas, as well as the atmosphere that we convey
through visualization and implementation. We create projects all over the world.
In a team with an architect, we create architectural projects, thinking over the interior,
exterior and the house as a whole at the same time. Thanks to this service, you do not need
to hire other specialists and redo the layout later, as is often the case. We think through
everything at once, giving birth to a wonderful result.